January 08, 2015

Orange-Almond-Olive Oil-Cake

One of my absolute favourite cakes! It's slightly bitter from the orange and lemon rind, not too sweet, but stays perfectly moist for days. Not everybody will like it, as it is not very sweet and has a sharp citrus taste and an underlying bitterness.
I love it. I made it several years ago, then again this week and before it was even finished, I decided that I would have to make it again. Very soon.
This is the recipe that I used, with the slight change of using two medium oranges and a little more almonds (about 190g instead of 170g). To adjust for the increased amount of orange pulp, I added a little more flour. Also, I had to bake it much longer than indicated in the recipe, but that's completely normal with my oven.

Not a carrot cake...